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FKN unitised façades are both cost effective and unique. We seek to integrate innovation into every aspect of the process, which comprises of engineering, controlled off-site production, projectspecific logistics and – last but not least – efficient installation. Thanks to our integrated approach to engineering, production, logistics and installation, we can create innovative unitised façades solutions.

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Benefits and characteristics of unitised façades

Unitised façades have become the preferred solution for many projects because they allow for faster construction. The manufacturing process is more efficient, and the façades can be rapidly installed on site using purpose-built lifting and installation equipment. Units are usually at least one storey high and include all relevant parts of the façade – glazing, metal components, sun shading etc. – in a single unit. Decorative features such as natural stone, ceramic and fibre-reinforced concrete can also be incorporated.

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Other types of façade

Stick system façades

Stick system façades are a versatile solution, combining a light, airy design with maximum strength and stability.

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Steel and glass structures

Our steel and glass structures offer maximum safety and the best in climate-efficient design without compromising on style.

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