Stick system façades
by FKN allow for enhanced flexibility.

A stick system façade is a modern architectural solution for glass façades. Vertical mullions with horizontal transoms to form a structural unit. The mullions are positioned at regular intervals and bear the weight of the façade. The transoms link the mullions to one another, distributing the load equally across the façade surface. To ensure a high degree of stability, the mullions and transoms are usually secured using bolts or another type of fastening system.

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In stick system façades, the glazing, insulated panels and door units are fitted between the mullions and transoms. Insulating or laminated glass is used to provide thermal and noise insulation while maintaining a transparent façade. Stick system constructions offer multiple design possibilities, as various types of glazing and panel elements can be combined to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. This type of façade is often used for prestigious lobbies and entrance areas, multi-storey solariums, glazed executive offices and events spaces.

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