Steel and glass structures
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As the name implies, this kind of construction is made primarily of steel and glass. The materials are long lasting, and the transparent glass panels make for an elegant look. The structure is formed by a steel frame consisting of beams, columns and connecting pieces that bear the overall weight. Steel is ideal for this type of structure due to its excellent strength and high load bearing capacity, which allow it to support large spans and to efficiently distribute loads.

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Steel and glass structures feature large glaze surfaces fitted between steel frames. Insulating or laminated glass is used for thermal insulation, soundproofing and safety. As steel and glass structures come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, they allow for a great deal of creative freedom and flexibility. They are ideal for creating airy, inviting indoor spaces. Transparent glass roofs, for example, let in lots of natural light and create a seamless connection with the outdoors.

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Other types of façade

Unitised façades

Classic, efficient and modern at the same time. Our unitised systems are an ideal choice for cost effective and bespoke design.

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Stick system façades

Stick system façades are a versatile solution, combining a light, airy design with maximum strength and stability.

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